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Vanilla WoW again!

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Re: Vanilla WoW again!

Post by Sparrow » Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:07 pm

Kezix throw me that link in message box... so many freaking names on here, want to check out discord channel

Re: Vanilla WoW again!

Post by Kezix » Thu Feb 09, 2017 2:41 pm

Hey Tigoro!!

There are some people playing WoW. I think they are all playing the current version but I could be wrong. I've heard mention of the vanilla servers before and it sounds like it could be fun for a bit.

I actually started playing some Shadowbane again personally. I've barely played but not because I don't want to. I've barely been able to play any games the last few months :emotedoh:

Join us on the Discord server... sent you a message with a link and such. Almost no one checks these forums anymore. This post is I think the second post in the past year on these forums... :emoteclap:

Vanilla WoW again!

Post by Tigoro » Mon Jan 16, 2017 9:46 am

Long time no see gentlemen and ladies! Is this website dead? Anyone read anything on here anymore?

One of my best memories of IceClan was how much everyone complained about Blizzard screwing up World of Warcraft with expansions that changed the game (you were/are right). I dunno if any of you follow this stuff anymore, but there is a bunch of people out there running 3rd party vanilla WoW servers where you can login and play WoW again but back in vanilla with no expansions. They have basically reverse engineered the WoW servers so you can use the original WoW client to connect to them and play/pvp/quest/raid/etc.

Check out I've been kicking it around for fun on there lately. It's got the original challenge and world PvP etc... Pretty fun to go back to this after so many years. Huge population too. The server I play on routinely has 7500+ players on it and 2500+ at it's lowest time. Original Blizzard vanilla WoW servers maxed out around 2000 players... so that should give you an idea of how popular it is. When Elysium released a new server 2 weeks ago they had 20,000 players in queue to log on...

Anyways, I dunno if any of you keep up on any of this stuff anymore (or have the time to?), but it's pretty fun to go back and check this stuff out after so many years. It's like going back and playing the original WoW again but this time knowing what the heck you are doing :-)