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Moves and Countermoves

Angry rhetoric from the right and naive compassion from the left? (Keep it civil please)

Moves and Countermoves

Postby Jeroth » Wed Jan 16, 2013 11:08 pm

Watched this happen back when Obama was elected the first time, but this is just nuts. Runs on guns and what actually constitutes a "weapon" in the eyes of the Government. Take the AR-15 for example. Prior to the Assault Weapons Ban of '94 most people bought AR-15's off the shelf. During the ban the options for customizing an AR-15 was limited, therefore purchase of individual components was relatively low.

All of that changed once the ban was lifted. Only the actual serialized portion of any weapon actually counts when it comes to the ATD- I won't get into illegal modifications such as SBR, SBS, etc, but suffice to say instead of having to purchase the entire weapon at once for $650 - $2400 you could buy a blank lower (serialized portion of the weapon) for $59 to $150 and build it a little at a time. AR-15's are suprisingly easy to build with almost all necessary tools being readily available in every household. So keep this in mind...

Weapon: ... r-417.html

Not a weapon: ... &t=1005252

Have the same issue with AK's actually. Government placed a ban on shipping AK's into the country to control the flow, but not on components or dissasembled units- viola, they come opver dissasembled, are assembled here in the states, and flow out the doors like water.

Here's where the issue comes in and it's fucking nuts for both sides: Since the shooting and the news outlets and politicians started screaming for gun control blank lowers and high cap magazines have just gone "poof". Ammunition has gone through the roof, I could buy 1K rounds of military issue steel core penetrators for $370, as of today they are $1000 per 1000 rounds. You might think that's an improvement depending on your point of view, but also keep in mind that even at that price most places are out of stock.

I'm watching about 20 different dealers (out of hundreds) that are getting in and selling out of blank lower receivers at the rate pof about 50-200 blanks a day. Prices have raised from anywhere between $89 and $150 to $250 to $400 per blank lower. The thing is that people are stockpiling these lowers for multiple reasons, some they are going to build, some they will hoard until a ban is put into effect and will be able to charge upwards of $1000 for the item- remember, it's a preban item so if they want to add that lethal flash suppressor or extremely dangerous bayonet lug (jesus all the people killed with ar-15's with bayonets attached are through the roof these days) to the weapon it will be legal since the legal part of the weapon is a preban item. Techically it would be illegal to modify a blank lower to a preban state after a ban was introduced, but since you already have the legal part of the weapon before the ban who would know. The sale of preban uppers and telescopic buttstocks was never banned, it was just illegal to use them on post ban weapons.

Basically, due to the rampant fearmongering on the left side, you have runaway purchasing and production on the right side. I can't even imagine how many weapons are leaving the stores right now.

I'm laughing at all the people buying shit at the inflated prices right now since everyone should have known Obama would have made this move sooner or later. Also, considering the glacial pace that our government moves at, it will be 2 years, if ever, that a new ban goes into effect. He can't pass a new Ban by Executive Order, and the left won't risk their political careers on another AWB attempt. Even the Whitehouse acknowledges this fact.

Basically all that is happening is a huge boost to gun ownership... which I applaud. So "Good Job!" to all the idiots, on both sides, involved.
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